South Africa expresses “serious concerns” about World Bank process

FT reports that “South Africa on Monday expressed serious concerns about the transparency of the process to select the next head of the World Bank”

Pravin Gordhan, South Africa’s finance minister told reporters  “From what I’m hearing there are serious concerns about the levels of transparency. And when we link that to the third element, which is has this process met the merit-based criteria, I think we are going to find that the process falls short,”

2 thoughts on “South Africa expresses “serious concerns” about World Bank process

  1. South Africa and its director should have spoken up a year ago, after the appointment of Mme Lagarde to head the IMF.

  2. Just a case of cry out against injustice where you find one. The world and its various systems smack of lack of transparency. Who will deliver us? America will justify its hold on the World Bank Presidency. It is all double speak.

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