European governments’ opinions – two out of three candidates impressive…

I’ve seen some of the EU governments’ confidential reports of the interviews EU governors had with the three Presidential candidates last week. Of course they all had differing views, but a fair summary would be:

Okonjo-Iweala: passionate performer, good knowledge of how the World Bank operates, but her pitch wasn’t so well set out or structured.

Ocampo: best prepared, clearest ideas about where he would take the Bank, most knowledgeable on economic issues. Quite academic in style.

Kim: Very committed, but limited knowledge outside health, and particularly not on finance and economics.

7 thoughts on “European governments’ opinions – two out of three candidates impressive…

  1. European Union should not forget that this very lady, Dr. Ngozi Iweala-Okonjo pioneered and implemented a single cash payment of whopping $12 Billion to the Paris Club in payment of part of Nigeria’s indebtedness to the Club, possibly, not for nothing as she must have had her eye on this top World Bank position. Such unprecedented gesture should not be overlooked; after”ll “one good turn deserves another.”

  2. do you mean you were present both at the EU and World Bank Board?

  3. I was present at both and Ocampo got several rounds of applause. The general concesus after Ocampo’s presentation was that he was outstanding, clear and the only one of the two with an clear idea of what the bank needs to move forward.

    I don’t know who you are asking, but the comments I heard about Okonjo-Iweala all seemed to agree that she is pure charm but will bring no reform to the Bank and therefore, will make staffers and insiders very happy. Since this an insider blog, no wonder why the support is for her.

  4. Ngozi was the only one of the 3 that got a round of applause after her presentation. Structured or not, her presentation impressed them the most. She clearly came out as the top candidate, ask around. Ocampo on the other hand, left them feeling that if the Bank needed a professor to head it, then he is the guy. well, as for Kim, he only managed to even be invited because he is the US pick, nothing more.

  5. What exactly is meant by the comment on Kim which is:” very committed”? Again you ask what does ‘her pitch wasn’t so well set out or structured’? At the end of the day it will all boil down to POLITICS. We should be spared this rigmarole. Whoever is chosen at the end of the day will make tongues wag. My consolation is ‘life itself is unfair’.
    Please vote anyhow you deem fit, life must go on!

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