Policy Guru in Chief

After being one of the Vulcans running GWB bid for the 2000 White House race, Zoellick had been serving as policy director for the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) , reports Chris Cillizza in his Politics Blog The Fix. It is mentioned that he would have been the candidate for the position of Secretary of State, should McCain win the POTUS position .

After being number 2 in Condi Rice Dept in 2005 ( he wanted to become WB President but lost to Wofie) , he would have been Chief Suprimo at State in 2008. I guess he can only play the cards that he has been dealt.

One thought on “Policy Guru in Chief

  1. don’t worry….mccain will not be elected president, so zoellick will have time to serve out his 5-year term…and hopefully a dem prez will then nominate a true humanitarian to take over at the world bank.
    if the worst we get at that point is bill clinton, it may not be too bad unless he does his nafta-routine at the world bank; that would be horrors.
    oh, shucks…i can dream, can’t i?
    by the way, this is a terrificly informative website. thank you.

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