Could it be Clinton (Bill)?

Many of you will remember that Bill Clinton got some backing in 2005 as a potentially clever bi-partisan World Bank president appointment. This time he has had less mention. But now the former US president is back in the frame. Courtesy of … The Canberra Times. The paper sets out its argument as follows:

“There is only on appropriate candidate. William J. Clinton, 42nd president of the United States of America should become the 11th president of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, also known as the World Bank.

Clearly Clinton fills all necessarily criteria.

His recent work on debt, HIV and climate change indicates that he understands the development process and the importance of achieving sustainable economic growth to improve the lives of the poor.

He also understands that economic growth is not sufficient on its own, but is merely a tool that must be utilised in a responsible and considered manner”.

Strangely the article’s author Dr Matthew Clarke neglects to mention the difficulties that Bill Clinton got into with female employees while at the White House, and his none too transparent public announcements on that issue.

Regardless of that, we can consider Bill Clinton now to be on the longlist.