5 thoughts on “Kim crowned World Bank president

  1. Too many skeletons in the cupboard, both in Nigeria and in the World Bank, prevented Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala from running on merits. Too bad. Next time the emerging countries have to identify stronger candidates to fight the battle. On politics alone, they can’t win yet.

  2. It’s good that okonjo Iwela was not elected. She turned down naija in destabilizely to introduce evil policies and runaway. God will not allow to be any board member again. She has destroy nigeria enough. She should fix it before she steps down.

  3. This process has brought out a clear winner, and that winner is Dr. Iweala. The whole world can now see that Obama and his co-travelers in the World Bank have no regard for the concept of Democracy and merit. They know it only in theory and in Teleprompter.

  4. The USA and Europe preach merit based election in Africa and Asia but practise defferent things in World Bank ands IMF. It is a shame.

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