A fairer assessment by the Wall Street Journal

Unlike the usual tirades against anything pro-development and the blind support for Paul Dundes Wolfowitz and the dismantling of the World Bank, typically offered by the editorials of the Wall Street Journal, as in this one few days ago’ “Jim Kim to the World Bank: The Dartmouth president is better than the bank deserves.”

Sudeep Reddy in today’s edition offers a more reasonable assessment of Dr. Kim titled  ” U.S.’s World Bank Pick Draws Criticism”

4 thoughts on “A fairer assessment by the Wall Street Journal

  1. Obama has made a mess of the bank. He must accept that and reverse his decision by supporting the best candidate: NOI.

  2. Presumably, as Robert Zoellick has argued, having an American at the head of the World Bank reinforces US support for the Bank. He has also argued that if the US cannot head any international organization, US support for multilateral systems on the whole will erode. He is probably right, particularly when an underlying theme in this year’s election is America’s role in the world.

    No Republicans have complained about Jim Kim, at least in public.

    Although Jim Kim was a donor to Obama campaigns, and although it is unlikely that Obama will not be reelected after a tough battle, there is no history that who’s in the White House, or at Treasury, affects the traction the World Bank’s president has, and the United States remains an important shareholder. US presidents of both parties have long been committed to multilateralism.

    If anything, Kim’s own personal story and that he is an American with a successful record on HIV/AIDS “challenging bureaucrats at WHO” should play well on the Hill, along with his focus on results and accountability. As head of an Ivy League college, he’ll enjoy some credibility from elites of both parties.

  3. thankyou for news, but I want to leave it

    Taswan Ibrahim

  4. is it just me or will the Republicans beat on Obama even if Dr. Kim is appointed as head of the world bank? They will argue that he chose the wrong guy , someone who wants to send “the tax payers money” abroad.? Here is another question; what will happen tp Dr. Kim’s links with the US Government if Obama loses the election come November? Do I hear someone say a “lame duck for 5 years”?

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