“The ideal nominee for World Bank president”

An interesting blog by Felix Salmon of Reuters arguing that the nomination of Ngozi and Ocampo means that the White House should try to convince Hillary Clinton to accept to be  nominated, at least until the US election season is over.

Here is how he puts it: “This really puts the pressure on the White House to knock it out of the park with their nomination, because Ngozi, in particular, is broadly regarded both within and outside the Bank as being pretty much perfect for the job. She’s a whip-smart economist, she’s honest, she’s imaginative, she’s dedicated, she’s expert at navigating the Bank’s labyrinthine bureaucracy and politics, and she’s passionate about the way that the Bank can really make the world a better place.”

Adding: “If Hillary is nominated, the job is hers: it’s as simple as that. And she would be very good at it, too. She wouldn’t even need to serve out a full term. While she had the job, she might even be able to engineer a way in which she could be succeeded by Ngozi, or some other highly-qualified candidate without a US passport. Which alone would make her one of the most important and revolutionary presidents in the Bank’s history.” 

Which begs the question, how about creating a “Deputy President” position occupied by a non-American?

7 thoughts on ““The ideal nominee for World Bank president”

  1. “Which begs the question, how about creating a “Deputy President” position occupied by a non-American?”

    This is the Managing Director position. Recent ones have been non-American

  2. I still do believe that Hillary is on the WH list and she made the comments about ‘not being interested” some weeks ago to maintain her position as Sec of State in her on-going discussions and negotiations in foreign affairs.
    I doubt that she wants to be removed from public life at 100% ( her memoirs she can still do that – in fact she has already done that as a Senator on her life at the WH).
    She is an asset to the WH to maintain an American as the President of the WB. Summers- we all know how people feel about him
    Rice – has no leg to stand on
    Sachs – hobnobs too much with the floozy from Turtle Bay
    So who else could be on the WH list ?
    After all the last two Presidents hail from the political side – two former vulcans and the WH would like someone with International development as well as a political flair.

  3. Probably, Prof. Jeffry Sachs’ ideal rooted experiences in rich and poor development countries will be soundly-friendly binding all levels together to meet equal expectations and opportunity for all people. Its naturally difficult to judge a trully ideal profile but at least he can improve and exceed above the minimum ceiling of 50+1 % in any progress has been too great for all. Every success is always being shown with cetain indicators of factors and numbers in order to weight highly over its success stories ahead.

  4. If we, from the developing countries are not be able to name a worthy non American president to the World Bank, like Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, then let us at least hope, for the World Banks sake, and our own, that someone solid neutral, non-controversial and acceptable to as a wide part of America as possible is named, because otherwise, we might end up not having the cake… nor being able to eat it.

  5. She may not want the job because she’d rather retire from public life, write her memoirs, be a grandmother, and spend time with her husband.

  6. so whats the value of having someone like Hillary serve as President if she really does not want the job? is it just so we have an American? !

  7. The Reuters blog, and this summary, make the case. Hillary Clinton could deliver change and pave the way for a non-American successor in a refashioned World Bank Group.

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