3 thoughts on “The View from Nigeria

  1. The Nigerian Minister of finance should do something about the scamming and advance fee fraud in her country instead of trying the World Bank

  2. Nigerian economy which she supervises, needs more changes and reforms than the World Bank, and I think that is the reason President Jonathan appointed her his finance minister and coordinator of the economy. I feel, therefore that, that is where she should bring her so much talked about experience and expertise to play.

  3. I think Ngozi’s qaulification and her prefessional expirience makes her the best canditate for the post of world bank president. Everybody is watching and i think the US and the west that cherish competition and democrazy as a leader will not make any mistake while recognise her quality that has nothing to do with race, gender and nationality in orther to make this needed change in the global economy in this crises riddden time.


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