Policy Guru in Chief

After being one of the Vulcans running GWB bid for the 2000 White House race, Zoellick had been serving as policy director for the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) , reports Chris Cillizza in his Politics Blog The Fix. It is mentioned that he would have been the candidate for the position of Secretary of State, should McCain win the POTUS position . Continue reading

“Nay” from Joseph Stiglitz

One person who has doubts on the suitability of Zoellick is Nobel Prize winner and former Chief Economist of the WBG, Joseph Stiglitz. As told to La Republica and reported in The Times, Stiglitz asked the following: “Robert Zoellick defended American agricultural protectionism until the bitter end when he was responsible for commercial talks. How will he, as the future president of the World Bank, ask for the dismantling of aid to agriculture that favours developed countries at the expense of those that are poor?Continue reading

Breeding ground for civil servants

That’s what Goldman Sachs is known for, according to the New York Times. The following alumni are part of the “coterie” of the Bush administration:

Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson

Joshua B. Bolten, the White House chief of staff

Stephen Friedman, President Bush’s ex-director of the National Economic Council.

I guess Bob does owe a lot to ‘Hank’ who keeps hiring him wherever he goes (or when he has a say or the ear of GWB) – Wall Street and now the WB .