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We need your help.

If we’re really to get under the skin of the battle to be next World Bank president, we’re going to need your help.

Six things you can do (in no particular order)…

1. Keep coming back as often as possible (we recommend daily as things hot up).

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Contact us (email or phone) if you hear any news or gossip. Maybe you work for the Bank, a government, or are a journalist following the story. We’d love to publish any rumours that stand up (or can at least stagger around a bit).

Get in touch with your reaction to any President related news. The World Bank is a powerful institution and its President is important for people across the globe. We’d love to hear your thoughts either by email (we’ll publish a selection of the comments we receive) or in the comments windows annexed to selected posts. (Please also tell us straight away if you see any flame mail or advertising we should delete from the comments).

Finally, feel free to use this site as a source – either on the web (with a link please) or in print (attribute to the Journalists can also contact us for an interview or quick quote.

One thought on “Get involved

  1. World Bank is a transnational organization, and always wonder that what is the oversight function and to which court they are subjected to in case there is wrongdoing. Very possibly somebody out of such large organization with no money shortage (after all, name is World BANK”) can sometimes make mistakes as all we are human beings. How these checks and balance function? It has been always a fundamental question to me. When we are daily exposed to so many regulations, compliance, voluntary reporting, etc., this organization, too, should be answerable to somebody. At least the expectation for responsible management and World Bank president is high, and depending on the quality of top management, anything can happen, very serious scale, with this kind of transnational organization. We keep tight eye on the selection.

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