It’s all over: Dartmouth has spoken

While Bank-watchers were expecting the final decision to be made next week, we should have paid more attention to more reputable sources.  I’m talking of course of Dartmouth College, the US Ivy League school no one outside of the US had ever heard of until its President was plucked from nowhere to run for the World Bank Presidency. Ok, Ok, I’m being unfair. Probably not that many in the US had heard of it either.

But we should all have paid more attention, as they were the first to officially call the outcome of the race. Yes, their head of media relations (a big job, now at least) tells us:

the Board of Trustees will announce the College’s interim president and the head of the presidential search committee “within the day or days immediately following the World Bank announcement”

He had the decorum to add “should Kim be elected” (that’s why he’s the Head of media relations), but I think we can read his clever spin quite clearly.  So that’s it, let’s give up waiting for Kim to make a public appearance or for the board to release minutes of their interviews, the job’s his!

PS: Commenters please note, my tongue was in my cheek when writing this. But only slightly.

9 thoughts on “It’s all over: Dartmouth has spoken

  1. Kim should wait until his appointment as American’s secretary for health.

  2. Does he know what the Bank’s soft lending arm, IDA is facing and will he understand what are IDA replenishments?

    I doubt so,

  3. Professor Kim is the most eminent figure in the domain of Public Health. If you consider
    his experience of many decades, he can really help the developing, poor countries in basic
    and primary-health care by funding village-centered projects that most developing countries
    so badly need. Therefore, between the two candidates, the choice is quite clear as that between a professional public-health champion and a career politician from a troubled nation.
    Therefore, my VOTE is for a professional with impeccable credentials and achievements.
    Just because he is sponsored by the richest nation, there can be no shadow of doubt that he
    is the best candidate and, therefore, he deserves to be elected, purely on merit consideration.

  4. I do not consider Kim suitable, much less deserving of the job of the World Bank Presidency. The woman Onkonjo Nweala is the much more the sane choice.

    Kim will be a fish out of water 6 months on the job…if he is successfully chosen.

  5. There are many who believe Jim Kim deserves the job, has a solid background for it, and will do it well. The hyperbole must end. It’s not helpful.

  6. Ngozi Okonjo-iweala reamins the best person for the job.
    Natural and academic intelligence is the major ingrident to ruling the world bank team

  7. I am tongue-tied as the best man for the World Bank top job (at least by all indications) has miraculously and disappointingly thrown in the towel. It is now anybody’s job.

  8. Forget it… don’t cry for him Argentina! If he is appointed there are thousands who immediately are going to convince him he was truly the most meritorious and deserving candidate.

  9. I wouldn’t want to be Kim right now. To be appointed at a job nobody believes he deserves or is prepared for must be horrible and shameful.

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