Jim Yong Kim: a mover and a shaker

There are important questions to discuss. Does Kim have enough political experience to manage the Bank’s board? Is he high profile enough? He has experience in health, but what about financial markets? Will the BRICs be pleased? Can he do the robot while wearing a white-studded leather jacket and spaceman sungalsses?

Some of those questions will have to wait, but I can happily announce that we can answer the last one. Would you ever catch Zoellick doing this?

2 thoughts on “Jim Yong Kim: a mover and a shaker

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  2. As an Executive Director of the World Bank that had no problem whatsoever participating with my guitar and harmonica in a Celebration of Cultures event, I have absolutely no problem with Jim Yong Kim singing, much the contrary, I would give him points for it. That said I remain in full support of the candidacy of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala… and, just in case, not because I’ve heard her singing

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