10 thoughts on “Ngozi concedes?

  1. Pls mummy, don’t give up,u’r an international woman, known & worked with world bank,if not even that, you would have one term be chosen by faith thus believe with God for next WB Presidential election.I wish you long life with prosperity. NOTE: if you don’t aspire you expire.You’ll not expire in Jesus name.

  2. Correct- Like they say on the street “all talks but no actions”. She was in the position and had great opportunities to bring some changes when she was given the job of MD but she just cruised along.

  3. Dr. Iweala believes in an open process that will lead to the emergence of the new president. But the current arrangement is not near that!

  4. Madam, pls dont give up at this stage. We believe in you omatter what happens we are still hong for th best-which is that you be announced as the next world bank’s president. It is well

  5. Madam Ngozi,You are real Africa women am witing for victory letter and I wit to congratulate you ,I believe in God shall us We Africal person whatever united state and Europen should God will be us

  6. These your comments are not necessary at this stage. What is merit? Merit is not the only dterminant in any competition. Divine favour also counts.
    I wish you good luck but blame not America or Europe.
    May God bless the world

  7. Rationalizing the choice that wasn’t Ngozi, I would have thought, by attacking a process that, as corporate secretary, as World Bank governor (twice), and as Bob Zoellick’s MD, she could have helped fix.

  8. No Noooo Noo Madam Ngozi Please dont say such to the press even if it were to be so, which we all know, We have been praying for you and wishing you – with the right know-how and taste and all-it-takes in the race get the job. But in whatever way Allah has already decreed who will have the job. Let just agree and accept whatever verdict the outcome comes with. God Bless you Ngozi, God Bless Africa, God Bless Nigeria and God Bless those who had hands in bringing you to this world!!!

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