In response to “a Bank Insider’s” post about what the Board’s executive session, in camera discussion was about…

None of us, including “A Bank Insider” know what happened in the executive session. None of us know for a fact that ‘only the African directors [spoke] for Ngozi’.

If true, that could also mean that no one else was convinced she had the qualities needed for the job.

If you accept her resume looked good–and it does, on paper, as does the statement “A Bank Insider” obtained–maybe other executive directors didn’t feel her gender and nationality trumped the skills, experience, record and behavior they want in Robert Zoellick’s successor. Maybe they did not feel she was someone who could lead the Bank in the new direction they want.

Let us not blame President Obama for the candidates’ performance in a closed, ‘principals only’ meeting. If there’d been leaks or fabrications about Jim Kim doing stunningly well, I doubt “A Bank Insider” would give President Obama credit.

Were I an African executive director, given how loudly their staff been making their views known, I would certainly tell them–and Ngozi–how hard I had fought for her, no matter what I had said or done in the meeting.

And, unfortunately, none of us will ever know. Nor, in my view, should we outsiders.

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  1. Jim Kim as health professional, what do you think he would bring to the table for those poor and emerging countries that are in dare need of economic development. Ngozi’s credentials and profiles were more outstanding than Kim, as a finance professional and should have been the best candidate for the job.

    May be the board of directors fear was Ngonzi’s recent fuel subsidy policy which she was the head of the economic team that led to the industrial action by the organized labour in Nigeria.The policy was not well managed and it caused a lot of distrust by Nigerian.That could be the reason she lost out.

  2. I do think it detracts from a reasonable discussion when inevitably those “for” Ngozi resort to personal name calling against those opposed to her. Ngozi has been in the Bank since 1982!!! Apart from two very brief stints as Nigerian Finance Minister, she is a consummate insider, with all the bureaucratic in-fighting skills needed to advance in that “cronyocracy”.How did she get around the staff rules that prohibit
    staff members who take political appointments
    from returning for two years? Insiders tell me she has also assiduously cultivated Michelle Obama for the past 4 years. Perhaps “jimkim” is Obama’s “head fake”.

  3. I hesitate to reply to this remark, not because it reflects so poorly on the sender, but since it comes from the same email address as “A Bank insider”

  4. Interviews are over. The board members are mulling their choice.

  5. and just for the record, you really have a serious and deep personal grudge with Ngozi. All of your posts on this blog for the past few weeks have added up to ne thing; you will argue, post , and support anything or anyone as long as it takes away from Ngozi. I think Kim must be saying , with supporters like you, who needs enemies.

  6. There, in camera, I’m sure Kim will never pull out a rabbit out of the hat. NOI will sure put those interviewing her at the edge of their seat!

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