Obama advisor says why Larry Summers won’t be the US nominee

Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House advisor, made it clear in an interview why it’s just as well Larry Summers is happy as President Emeritus at Harvard.

In this Daily Beast interview Jarrett used the occasion to hint how important women are to Obama’s re-election. He enjoys solid support and higher approval ratings than his Republican challengers.

Jarrett was pretty clear: “The jobs of the future are science, engineering and math, and those are the jobs that women have shied away from,” she said. The guarantee of a strong education for every child is the magic bullet, and the administration is working toward that goal. “If you have an education, then the sky is the limit,” she said. Teaching our daughters and colleagues confidence is crucial to the formula for women’s success.”

Summers would, no doubt, agree on the future of good American jobs, and how important it is for more women to be in these STEM fields.  That’s not his reputation, alas, after his speech at Harvard before the faculty removed him, and the White House isn’t going to risk alienating a key bloc of supporters in November.

Discuss among yourselves, journalists. If the reaction to the earlier White House leak didn’t take Summers out, this interview should make it clear that Larry will be staying in Cambridge.

2 thoughts on “Obama advisor says why Larry Summers won’t be the US nominee

  1. Hence my comment right from the beginning that imho, the WH will pick a woman for the position. I still think that Hillary may jump in – less stressful than being at Foggy Bottom but still in International Development and more or less in line with hubby’s endeavours.
    Susan Rice is aiming for her seat as Sec of State anyway – she can’t get the respect that she would like @ Turtle Bay not from the Russian Ambassador or the Russian FM anyway, to say the least. If she was that good an emissary of the US govt, she would have pulled an “albright” on Ban-Ki-Moon. Instead, the weak SG of the UN managed to get a second term and the ‘slap my back” favouritism is still going on, starting with his own countrymen ( we are just expecting the re-integration of his son-in-law who is taking some remedial courses so that he is considered skilled and competent for another promotion during the second term of his f.i.l) .
    Elizabeth Warren could have been another prospect but she wants to wet her feet in politics.

  2. Unless of course this is a ploy for the US to regain competitive advantage against the rest of the world. This would be an amazing beggar-thy-neighbor strategy! Send Summers to the Bank so that he can undermine the education of women and girls in the rest of the developing and emerging world. Get rid of him from the White House so that US policy can ensure rapid scaling up of female participation in STEM fields in Amerca. 20 years down the line the US might once again dominate in these fields – all thanks to sending Summers to the Bank…

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