Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will be on CNN’s GPS this Sunday

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will be on CNN’s GPS with Fareed Zakaria this Sunday at 10am and 1pm EST. Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say:

Fareed Zakaria: Do you feel that the president of the United States’ pick to head the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, is unqualified in the way that The Economist magazine editorialized this week?

Okonjo-Iweala: I have tremendous respect for Dr. Jim Kim, the pick of the United States. But the argument is not really about nationality. The development committee of the World Bank, as well as the G20, have signed onto a merit-based, open and transparent process for selecting the president of the World Bank. That means that it should be done based on who is best qualified from anywhere, regardless of nationality. So I think that we took that seriously. The leaders of the continent of Africa, who asked me to be a nominee, took this seriously.”

8 thoughts on “Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala will be on CNN’s GPS this Sunday

  1. Wow Peter! Stereotype much? So because she’s from Nigeria Oh Hell NO she’s corrupt, every breath that she took in is corruption. Don’t be a fool and wake up! She was World Bank managing Director before she quit cause of her nation’s country to be financial minister.. She has done tremendous Job both at home and at her previous managing director Job. Wow.. You’re a fool and what’s even worst about being a fool is an ignorant one.

    Have a good day Sir.

  2. I think its high time somebody defined the merits of a medical anthroplogist in presiding over the world apex bank if really we are to “walk the walk”.

  3. Who is the leader of the Continent of Africa that nominated Ngozi to run for the World Bank presidency? Could it be a leader of the most corrupt people in the world? What merit is she talking about? Why does she not talk about integrity? What does she know about DEVELOPMENT or is she from DEVELOPMENT conscious background? Let’s face the fact, this lady is playing politics and a crude one at that. Let the job go to Obama’s nominee, ’cause he would not have nominated a mediocre in the first place.

  4. The selection process for the President of the World Bank would have been outlined before now. If the bank has been succeeding, partly on account of a process like that, they should respect their ideals. What may be inappropriate is to make the world feel that the Presideny of its bank does not have the expected abilities to head the place as are being gradually revealed. There is need to keep and nurture the confidence level the bank has always had, by keeping to its rules, please.

  5. Its a welcome development that okonjo iweala is nominated being an african but my greatest respect is meant and reserved for quality and merit but is going to be a tough race with dr jim.wish her Goodluck.

  6. I think that Madam Ngozi Okonjo Iweala deserves to be given that merit of becoming Bank President because she has what it takes to exhibit a world class standard of excellency to the best of my knowledge. She is inteligent she is not afraid to work. This is the best think that would ever happen in the histroy of the world Bank leadership. I congratulate the wolrd for this great priviledge.

  7. Merit based but who defines the merits? and which merits?

    The “old” World Bank retirees support Okonjo-Iweala.

    Is that a merit? Do we agree with their definition of merit?

  8. And it is high time for the Executives Directors of the World Bank, those personally responsible for electing the World Bank President, to take the issue of merits triumphing nationality, seriously too.

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