No merit based discussion took place

Sources tell me that despite the fact that the board met today for what was planned to be a discussion on the merits of the two remaining candidates, Jim Yong Kim and Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, no such discussion took place, with only the African directors speaking for Ngozi. Ocampo hit the bull’s eye when he said in his withdrawal statement “… as we approach the final phase of this process, it is clear that it is becoming no longer a competition on the merits of the candidates but a political exercise.”

So the Obama who told the American people 4 years ago “yes we can”, is now telling the rest of the world “no, you really cant”.  He may talk the talk, but he sure does not walk the walk.


3 thoughts on “No merit based discussion took place

  1. We are watching and the rest of the world are paying attention to what is going to happen, it is going be known whether the word ”merit” is no longer applicable in whatever position we may be applying for.

  2. The world is watching whether the word called ‘merit’ will be swing out of the window on Monday!

  3. The lack of a discussion based on merits, does not free the Executive Directors from their personal responsibility of electing the president of the World Bank based on merits.

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