“Skepticism Still Surrounds JYK’s World Bank Nomination”

In an opinion article today, the Executive Editor of the Dartmouth Review, J.P. Harrington, says  “To put it simply, Jim Kim’s nomination smacked of arrogance. President Obama nominated a doctor and an anthropologist. Not a banker.”

He goes on to say, “Personally, I’m not convinced. Jim Kim came into Dartmouth with no experience leading a college. What was the result? A dining plan that students hate and that will only get worse in the future. A series of initiatives that have had little to no impact on daily student life. A new pet program in the form of Health Care Delivery Science. And an alienated student body tired of an autocratic and largely absent President. Given America’s recent experiences with inexperienced candidates who promise nebulous change, shouldn’t we be a little more cautious this time around? After all, fool me once, shame on you…”

5 thoughts on ““Skepticism Still Surrounds JYK’s World Bank Nomination”

  1. Indeed, sensitive positons such as that of the World’s Financial Garrison Commander should not be left to a biological health personnel.
    We need seasoned technocrats in their respective fields of expertise.

  2. It is hard to give a kernel of interest to the article when the leading complaint is the student meal plan. As to Mr Ozoya’s comment, I don’t think anyone is qualifying Dr Kim as a ‘generalist’ – I’m not even sure what that is intended to mean in this context – nor do I buy that the Bank of today and the next few years needs an economist or a banker to lead it.

  3. The World Bank President is not a position for a Generalist which President Obama’s nomination of Jim Yong Kim suggests. It requires knowledge of key disciplines of economics and finance. The world has changed considerably. Obama should have seen this. Part of the change is what he represents. His ascending to the US Presidency by popular vote four years ago is a loud pointer to a changing world.
    His arrogance has got to stop.

  4. Dartmouth alumni are strong on Jim Kim’s performance turning Dartmouth around. Student newspapers, by definition, criticize university leaders.

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