World Bank Board to hold a straw poll Friday

Reuters is reporting that the Board of Executive Directors will hold a “straw poll” this Friday, ahead of the formal vote on the 16th. The usually well informed, Lesley Wroughton, writes “The board meets on Friday to conduct a straw poll to see if one candidate emerges as a clear favourite. It is expected to announce its choice on April 16, in time for the IMF and World Bank meetings of global finance leaders in Washington the same week.”

2 thoughts on “World Bank Board to hold a straw poll Friday

  1. The statutes of the World Bank establish that “The Executive Directors shall be responsible for the conduct of the general operations of the Bank, and for this purpose, shall exercise all the powers delegated to them by the Board of Governors…and… The Executive Directors shall select a President”

    Therefore when Ocampo says “We are putting the industrial countries to account … if they are really committed to an open, merit-based system,” it really should be the Executive Directors of the World Bank who are held accountable for the decision.

  2. Gentlemen : that straw poll is a very objective process to have .

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