“Why Jim Yong Kim won’t change the World Bank”

Another thoughtful blog from Felix Salmon on why no one should expect Dr. Kim to change much in the World Bank.

“.. the World Bank won’t move far in that direction so long as its president is imposed by fiat of the US. In order to work effectively at the sub-national and international level, the World Bank needs to be a genuinely international organization, run by and for the whole world, rather than being viewed as a means for the US to project “soft power” in Africa and elsewhere. “

3 thoughts on ““Why Jim Yong Kim won’t change the World Bank”

  1. Ever since I was an Executive Director at the World Bank, 2002-2004, I have publicly held that what has no representation at all in the World Bank, is the World at large. The Executive Directors represent the parochial interest of geographical bound countries, and so it is only rational to allow its President to represent the World.

  2. Felix Salmon has the wrong vision of the World Bank. Anyone who knows the Bank, or works there, knows that the tension between the country and sector sides of the Matrix gives the Bank its unique role. Jim Kim would lead a Bank that does both, with the support of the United States and other owners to exercise its convening power. The Bank’s large role on global issues is one of Ocampo’s criticisms, and for all her insider experience, Ngozi has worked almost exclusively on the country side of the Bank.

  3. A medical doctor cannot possibly change a financial institution with the status of the World Bank. His background is not congrous with the role of the World Bank. By the time his tenure ends should he be appointed by default, he would have learnt the ropes but at great cost to the World.
    This arrogance of Presidents of America has got to stop. Individual Americans may not be unanimous in the promotion of their country’s hegemony over the world on this penchant for producing the World Bank President.

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