Clinton fights back?

Just heard from a very senior and well placed individual that Hilary Clinton is still campaigning for the job, but – get this – is also still keeping the option of running for US President next time round on the table. So that’d be 2 years max of Hilary… can this really be true?  Answers on a comment please….

1 thought on “Clinton fights back?

  1. IMHO: I believe that it is feasible.
    Like it or not , an American as the President of the WB.
    Should Clinton be in post in June or beginning of July 2012, she could resign in 3 yrs time without forfeiting her WB pension ( i could be wrong here but I believe that’s the rules) and announce her candidacy and hit the campaign trail in Summer 2015 ( at the same time, officially going after political donations and fundraising) for the 2016 elections.
    Her campaign team/election committee would have already been in place and through her network she will have enough $$$$ for the primaries .
    Playing on the “gent féminine” don’t be surprise to see a woman at the WB ( after all the Europeans did select a woman as their candidate ). Just imagine the reaction of the women at the WB should Larry Summers succeed- we don’t want another fiasco à la Harvard, do we? Just having a laugh .

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