European governments’ opinions – two out of three candidates impressive…

I’ve seen some of the EU governments’ confidential reports of the interviews EU governors had with the three Presidential candidates last week. Of course they all had differing views, but a fair summary would be:

Okonjo-Iweala: passionate performer, good knowledge of how the World Bank operates, but her pitch wasn’t so well set out or structured.

Ocampo: best prepared, clearest ideas about where he would take the Bank, most knowledgeable on economic issues. Quite academic in style.

Kim: Very committed, but limited knowledge outside health, and particularly not on finance and economics.

Interview dates leaked – decision due 11 April

The interview and decision dates at the board are now set. The World Bank board conducts the interviews. They are as follows:

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala – 9 April
Jose Antonio Ocampo –  10 April
Jim Yong Kim – 11 April

Apparently the board will discuss and vote on the decision straight away after the interview with Kim on the 11th and a decision is expected to be announced that day.

Amended on 30/3 with updated dates.

Who’s in charge of the process?

The Board of course, theoretically. But I spoke to someone very close to a board member who took the view that it’s up to Zoellick to decide if he wants to stay on or not.  COGAM (board subcommittee) meets next week, I hear they’re going to discuss the paper on the selection process they approved last year.

And I spoke to someone senior in the Integrity Vice Presidency who suggested that they knew it would reflect badly on the Bank if there’s no transparent process, but what can you do, it’s up to the Board…

Clinton fights back?

Just heard from a very senior and well placed individual that Hilary Clinton is still campaigning for the job, but – get this – is also still keeping the option of running for US President next time round on the table. So that’d be 2 years max of Hilary… can this really be true?  Answers on a comment please….