Wolfowitz future becomes clearer, World Bank president blog takes its bow.

As Paul Wolfowitz clears his World Bank desk and trails more hints about his future, we are again putting this blog on ice. After very active and successful blogging on the Wolfowitz scandal and succession debates, a new Bank leader is about to take up office and normal Bank-tracking can resume through the multitude of websites and initiatives set up for the purpose. Continue reading

IMF/World Bank leadership links: plain for all to see

Commentators on Rodrigo Rato’s unanticipated announcement that he will step down as head of the IMF have not been slow to make the links with the just ended World Bank leadership selection process. A Reuters piece has three people drawing comparisons, while the Bretton Woods Project was quick off the blocks also with a statement demanding a new process to decide who’ll head the Fund. Continue reading

Where are we in the process?

Clearly George W. Bush has been clever with his pick of Zoellick. Lots of praise has come in from governments, senior figures in Congress and from analysts. (In the words of BusinessWeek: “It was a rare experience for George W. Bush: A major Presidential decision was greeted with bipartisan praise and international congratulations”). Although many governments say they would prefer multiple candidates to come before the board for scrutiny, it is now very unlikely that anyone will dare put up someone against Zoellick. They have until 15 June, should they wish to do so. Continue reading