How to prevent corruption – select based on merit, says World Bank…

Given common assumptions that the US will select the next President and there will be no merit-based selection process, I thought I’d check out what organisations that try to combat corruption thought of this idea.

Where better place to start than the institution that’s just launching a new governance and anti-corruption strategy, the same one that publishes worldwide governance indicators. Yes, it’s the World Bank. Here’s a couple of gems from their new draft strategy and implementation plan:

  • From a table of governance and anti-corruption priorities identified in country consultations, we find: “stronger merit-based system for selecting civil servants”
  • Indicators for the Bank’s country assistance strategy for Tajikistan include an “increase in merit-based recruitment for the public service”

And that’s just on a cursory read – I’m sure others can find more evidence that the Bank thinks merit-based, competitive appointments are essential for its client countries. But what about for itself?

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  1. That’s a good à propos topic. Just have to see what goes on during job interviews in some dept in DC HQ. Whether it is for an admin position or a JP or even economist -it is who you know and NOT what you know or can do or have experience in. Non-french speaking candidates are given positions in sectors where French language is a MUST – well after all one needs to be able to make small conversation at least when one is on mission in those client countries even if the contract and its negotiation can be done in English .That’s just one example ….

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