When will it all kick off?

Succession planning is already underway at World Bank, the media have speculated at length about possible replacements, and Zoellick continues to tantalise Bankwatchers by keeping mum.  But hold on, this is the wrong way round, isn’t it?

Zoellick was selected in 2007, the year before the Bank’s governors, the G20 and virtually every related international institution you can think of began repeatedly promising we’d have a merit-based process next time. Well, next time is now.  No matter what Zoellick wants, the Bank’s board should organise a transparent process for his successor, even if Zoellick decides he wants another shot.

So, when should they do this?  Well, the new Pres would have to start in July, so let’s give them a couple of months to wind down previous commitments, relocate to DC etc etc. Too short, probably, but hey ho, the clock’s a ticking.

That means select someone by end April.  Let’s give the board a few weeks to haggle over the final choice and say the interviews take place in early April. May take longer as an 85 per cent vote in favour is needed, but time’s a pressin’.

Each candidate will want to hit the campaign trail, and make themselves available for public interviews, discussions with relevant stakeholders and the odd photo op.  So let’s give them an ungenerous six weeks for that.

Which would mean nominations should close mid February.  For a top job like this you’d want a decent chunk of time before then to let people know, set out the process and organise any head-hunting exercises to encourage people to apply and so on.  Say another 6 weeks.I know, I know, too short, but we need to get this thing moving.

Which means – based on probably the shortest timeframe possible – we can expect the board to announce the process on…. 1 January 2012!  Oh dear.  Perhaps someone needs to remind them, quick.

3 thoughts on “When will it all kick off?

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  2. The reason there is no process is because Zoellick, who chairs the Board,
    is manipulating to get a second term. If there is no process to select
    a new President, it is obvious that the current one will get a second term.
    What about all the G-20 communiques and other documents referred to in your
    posts. Who will ensure that those are implemented to establish an open, merit-based
    selection process to select the next Bank President?

  3. Will you please inform all newspapers like the Wall Street Journal that you have resumed your work this time too? No one seems to know or care so far except Huffington Post that
    there is a selection process to be done for the next World Bank President
    Last time, many newspapers referred to your site for the selection process and the efforts to remove Wolfowitz from his position.

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