Time for a woman president

Disclaimer: this blog is about the World Bank President, not Hilary Clinton

It’s obviously (well past) time to end the US stranglehold on the job, but surely it’s also time to end the male stranglehold too. Lant Pritchard from the Center for Global Development’s blog notes that he can think of five well qualified women candidates, just among people he’s met.

The UN Secretary General selection process is also going on at the same time, and depressingly, after three rounds of informal Security Council voting, men are in top positions. There’s an active Campaign to Elect a UN Secretary General that’s trying to change this for the UN. Time to start a similar campaign for the World Bank?

2 thoughts on “Time for a woman president

  1. Dear Jesse,
    Your timely call for a woman World Bank President was posted just after I submitted my blog “The case for a feminist World Bank president”.
    In it I endorse your important suggestion for an extended nomination process.
    Some of CGD’s five female names are qualified in the traditional Bank neoliberal sense.
    They would not try to push the feminist climate-friendly agenda the world needs.
    Love your campaign idea if we focus it on feminist climate-friendly candidates, preferably women of color from developing countries.

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