Coronation timeline.

Yesterday the board posted this on the timeline for Zoellick’s coronation:  “The Executive Directors have decided to invite the nominee to an informal meeting on June 20, to discuss key issues of interest to the World Bank Group. … Following this meeting, and follow-up interactions and consultations with their respective authorities, the Executive Directors intend to meet again on June 25, 2007 to decide on the Presidency of the Bank. They expect that all the required processes will be completed by June 30, 2007.”

3 thoughts on “Coronation timeline.

  1. This was to be expected but it shows, again, the weak principles and desire to stand by the devolpment world of the other G-7 Exec. Directors. They know Z will be as bad -I’m betting worse, than Wolfowitz but are just not interested in fighting. Look at Rato at the IMF! Him, Anne Krueger before and Lispsick now have gone as far as to break the “payline” for support staff which was somehow pegged to the senior staff. Not anymore, they decided that in the mix of indicators the Bank of America was worth it for instance. When if ever the other G7 will realize that no one here respects them just becasue of this continued deferring to whomever is the current tenant of the White House?

  2. The World Bank Group is moving closer to having a new president installed in
    the job. That president is Zoellick, neo con or not that is the reality we live in. The Board is saying all expected procedures (a reference to contractual issues etc.) should be completed by June 30.
    The neocon is dead, long live the neo neocon.

  3. Zoellick is a neo-con, not as bad as Wolfowitz, of course, who was an arch neo-con. If you don’t believe me, then go to the Project for a New American Century website, and look at his letter to Bill Clinton to urging him to invade Iraq.

    Neo-cons have no place at the World Bank. They cannot be trusted.

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