Norwegians try to please all.

A Norwegian government press release yesterday tries to have something for everyone.  Chris Wright, a colleague at LSE here in London translates for non-Norwegians: 

Development minister Erik Solheim, on Zoellick: “I know Zoellick from Sudan, where we both worked with the peace process. He is an experienced economist with a long track record in international diplomacy, and I believe he can rebuild the credibity of the Bank.”

On the US appointing the Bank president, the Europeans the IMF head: “It is a selection process that is outdated. It is not nationality, but qualifications that should determine who should be the leaders of the two institutions. But in the situation the Bank now finds itself in, it was important to quickly find a president. And given the current prospects for finding a candidate, I believe Zoellick can do the job. In addition to restoring order and credibility both internally at the Bank and externally, it is important that the new president maintain the focus on Africa and the fight against corruption, which the Bank has actively engaged in in recent years.”