Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

David Woodward of the UK thinktank new economics foundation, provides a thorough assessment of Zoellick’s time as US trade representative concluding that it is “a track record of arm-twisting, blackmail, pay-offs and abuse of power in the WTO to promote US interests at the expense of the developing world”.  Woodward warns that Zoellick’s appointment will only fuel growing disenchantment with the Bank in the developing world.  To the Bank’s board, he offers this warning “before quietly acquiescing in Robert Zoellick’s appointment as Bank president, take a long hard look at what happened to those ambassadors in the WTO who dared to stand up to him as US trade representative”.

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  1. The same M.O. was used last year to get the Sudanese rebel, Minni Minnawi, ( the only signatory amongst the rebel groups) to sign the peace treaty. Zoellick intimidated the rebel leader with these words:
    “I’m disappointed in you. I expect people to keep their word….I can be a very good friend, but I am a fearsome enemy.”
    Courtesy: http://www.theipinionsjournal.com/2007/06/good-news-friday-coup-at-world-bank.html
    The same blogger has the following warning:
    “Zoellick may prove an even more uncompromising reformer than Wolfowitz was.”
    “Zoellick may turn out to be a (more predatory) wolf in sheep’s clothing”

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