And the lobbying starts

A week after getting the nod from the White House, Zoellick is embarking on a Worldwide goodwill tour :I want to leave no stone unturned in showing people I am serious,” as reported by FoxNews. Surprisingly, he is not going to Asia after travelling to Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Mexico and Brazil. If we consider the 24-member board representing the 185 nations, apart from the Europeans, he is consulting with Ghana which represents the Maghreb countries, Ethiopia which represents some of the sub-Saharan nations including South Africa. No French-speaking African countries and no Asian countries.

UPDATE: The Washington Post adds that Zoellick says he was recently in Asia and the Middle East (probably asking average citizens what they wanted from the World Bank – ed.) and plans to consult with officials in those regions by phone.