World Bank is NOT Bank of America

Thus is the comment pronounced by a Moroccan entrepreneur to show his disappointment at the new World Bank chief. Reuters is reporting that the Africans are criticising the current process of appointing the president of the World Bank and are angered by “the arrogance of the US.”
Some of the negative comments:

“I don’t think it is a democratic process, but the United States have their own definition of democracy anyway,”

“Washington appoints the Bank’s leader and Europe the International Monetary Fund. We are the ones those things are meant to help. This should have been the start of a new era.”

4 thoughts on “World Bank is NOT Bank of America

  1. DC Worker – what do you mean — the us is not “robbing the place blind” as you imply.

    Borrowing member countries are represented on the board – and let’s face it — every single country has some competing interests in its involvement in this financial cooperative –

    Did you also forget that the US has paid in 26% of the money that the place runs on???

  2. I would like to be contacted to take up a job at the World Bank

    Yes Thanks.

  3. Kenyan observer,

    Indeed the World Bank is NOT a Local American owned Bank, it’s a “World” bank and should benefit all third world countries, even the staff recruitment including that of the president to be chosen from Africa, Asia, Europe, etc…… Let America trust us.

    Josephat Machuki.

    Mombasa, Kenya.

  4. Food for oil comes to mind. Way to go Africans.

    Yeah, and let’s appoint someone from the countries getting the loans to run the process. They won’t steal the place blind.

    No thanks.

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