Oxfam sums it up


Oxfam’s Elizabeth Stuart said: “Dr. Kim is an excellent choice for World Bank president and a true development hero. But we’ll never know if he was the best candidate for the job, because there was no true and fair competition.”

“The world deserved better than a selection process with a forgone conclusion. Poor and emerging countries are insisting the Bank be more accountable and open in how it does business. This sham process has damaged the institution, and sullied Dr. Kim’s appointment.”

3 thoughts on “Oxfam sums it up

  1. I wholeheartedly, or at least almost wholeheartedly, supported Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and so of course I am disappointed that what I believed her superior merits for the post did not triumph nationality. I also believe that what happened in front of us, will not make Jim Yong Kim difficult task easier… and sincerely, the way the world looks now, no one really needs that the job of a World Bank president gets off to such a difficult start.

    But that said, life goes on and so, before this worldbankpresident.org blog closes down, let me take the opportunity to ask Oxfam about how it chooses its president, as I have not been able to locate that piece of information on its web.

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